1.  Do we have  a section of the camping ground  to ourselves?


Yes.  We have negotiated with the camping managers to have a large section of the camping grounds  to ourselves.  This is the same section we were in last year and there will be signs up  to guide you.

2.  Can I reserve a particular site at the camping grounds?


No. Unfortunately we are not able to hold particular sites for people .  The fairest and most manageable solution is to allocate sites based on size required and when people arrive.  The exception to this will be where people are sharing amenities or there are people with 'special needs'.  


3.  How many people are you expecting to attend the camp.


Over the last three years we've had about  approx. 80-100 people attend camp.

4.  Is there a limit on the number of sites that can be booked at the showgrounds?


Yes.  We have a limit of 30 sites that we can book for the camp .  Each year so far we have booked out the first week of  camp, so if you want to secure your spot make sure you  book in now!

5.  How big are the camp sites?


They're pretty big.  We have allocated sites of roughly 6m x 8m for each site.

6.  Are all the campsites powered ?



7.  Will I be able to do all my grocery shopping in Kenilworth?


Just about.  Kenilworth has a pretty good supply but if it doesn't have  everything you need, you'll be able to get everything from Maleny which is just a 30min drive down the road.

8.  can i bring my dog?


To be honest, for the benefit of all the other campers, we'd rather you didn't but if you have no other choice you can - we just need you to be sure to keep the dog under control and restrict excessive barking.

10.  Will there be opportunities to do skits and items  during camp?


Absolutely.  Camps are built on skits and items and we would love your involvement in this area. 

11.  is there a minimum number of nights that i need to book in for?



12.  What if I would like to stay an extra couple of days outside of the week I have booked?


Let us know ASAP what you'd like to do so we can get it arranged.

13.  Am I able to stay on at the showgrounds before the camp starts and after it finishes?


Absolutely.  You simply need to let the showground managers know and confirm that your spot hasn't already been booked out.   

14.  am i able to pay a deposit to secure my spot?


Yes you are.  You are able to do this as part of your registration.

15.  when do i have to pay for my camp in full?


All camp fees must be paid no later than a week before camp.

16.  do the showers cost anything?


Yes they do.  The showers cost $1 per 4mins.

17.  are there any dining or kitchen facilities that we can use?


Absolutely.  There is a large dining area and commercial kitchen with cook top stoves, ovens, large fridges and an adjoining dining area.  These facilities are exclusively for our use during the camp.

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